A weekend of Vintage and Upcycling Adventures!

The Ultimate in Upcycling: 

Visiting family in Shoreham this weekend we stumbled across this brilliant project along the river bed. A group of people have taken a whole range of old ship shells and turned them into unique and original house boats. We loved exploring the different styles, the green communal spaces as well as seeing all the different bits that had been used to make them so unique, including a bus as an upper section and a microwave as a postbox.



More info can be found here: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/property-the-water-gypsies-of-shoreham-living-on-a-houseboat-is-certainly-cheap-but-is-it-always-1491332.html 

And they even rent some of them out on air bnb (which we’ll definitely be opting for next time we’re down!!): https://www.airbnb.co.uk/s/Shoreham~by~Sea–United-Kingdom?type=boat&s_tag=QRKdkZF3  

Even the hospital in Worthing had a vintage/upcycled/crafty theme to it with these friendly flappers!

A Car Boot Haul:

As you might have seen, we’ve been focusing on frames lately and managed to find a stall with crate-loads of the things. All looking very unloved and with an owner who, frankly, was thrilled to see the back of them! I was very happy to take them off his hands and hopefully bring them back to their previously lovely states.

I also managed to pick up a children’s chair, emblazoned with the ‘barbie’ insignia, which will soon be painted over and given a new lease of life.

Feel Free To Run Your Fingers Over My Car, As Long As You Don’t Mind Me Running My Tires Over Your Fingers

Despite the passive aggressive (and some just downright aggressive) notices adorning some of the vehicles, we really enjoyed wandering amongst the amazing Vintage American vehicles Sunday in Worthing had to offer on Sunday.

An Authentic Seaside Experience:

The rest of the day was spent taking a walk down memory lane:  exploring the old-school arcades that Adam had frequented as a kid, playing on the 2p slot machines, whack-a-mole and posing in the anti-masks below (anyone remember/know the actual term for them!?); eating fish and chips and ice cream on the beach; and wandering up and down both the pier and the sea-front.


It’s My Birthday…

13336242_185317411868489_628625484_n (1)

… weekend this weekend (birthday is a Monday this year), so I’m being treated to a few hours at the car boot with the rest of Green Phoenix Crafts, as my family will all be visiting :).
We managed to get a good haul  last time we were there, though mostly things for ourselves, plus an item I’d been looking for for ages which was up-cycled into my sister’s graduation present and that I posted a few days ago.






We got a real bargain with these three mirrors: £5 for the three, all of which have or will find their way onto our hallway’s ‘wall of mirrors’



As I’m really enjoying up-cycling frames at the moment, that will be what I’m on the lookout for tomorrow :). Though any small furniture also appeals (aside from the extra space it takes up in our (already bursting-at-the-seams) home! I also can’t ever resist an atlas or anything with maps in!



Around working hard in the last weeks of term, I’m hoping to make some lovely travel frames with quotes. Long-term travel is certainly something that we’re working towards and therefore it would be nice to meld our passions :).


Anyway, wish  me look for a good day tomorrow: though considering the way the rain is currently lashing down I’m not holding my breath! Maybe charity shops would be a better bet!


Bridal Shower Craft Parties?

My oldest school friend married her wonderful man a few weeks ago, in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

But before that we celebrated the run up to the nuptials with a wonderful Bridal Shower at the Britannia in Manchester.

Our afternoon was spent enjoying a chocolate workshop, where we made a lemon & salt milk chocolate slab, giant chocolate buttons (the bride modelling hers on her hubby-to-be’s face! See below: the likeness is uncanny haha) and dark chocolate truffles.


During this time, I noticed how much this would lend itself to a crafting activity- especially since I’m already qualified to do the teaching part- and so have been looking into it ever since.

I’ve sourced a lovely local public house that rents out meeting rooms for full and half days and have considered lots of options for different sessions.

We’d also have the option then of holding similar sessions for baby showers, and with my history in teaching could host parties for children and teens during holidays too.

So what do people think? Would any of these appeal to you?

In Love with Art Deco

Alongside crafts (and photography), we here at The Green Phoenix also have a major passion for all things Vintage!

As you can see, our dining room is very much inspired by mid-century retro and includes any number of authentic and garish (or ‘kitsch’ as Kim prefers) bits and bobs (she’s actually now banned from buying any more as we don’t have the space!)

Because of this, we have a- far from thriving- side business, as Kim still simply cannot resist picking up iconic pieces every now and again, especially if the alternative is them being overlooked because they’re ‘old’ and going in the bin, as we hear some charity shops often do!

Back to the Art Deco: One of the weddings we attended in June was set in a simply stunning building that had been authentically maintained in red, black and gold and AD designs throughout.


Then this weekend we discovered some stunning black and gold paper, that has got our creative juices flowing and inspired us to embrace the 20s and 30s theme with these frames:

Does anyone recognise where the quote in the larger frame originates from? 🙂

Getting Back To Our Roots

Although up-cycling doesn’t necessarily bring in the best revenue- people often want what they want, when they want it, which revamping bits that we find when out thrifting doesn’t naturally lend itself to- it’s something that is the most fulfilling, and the reason we initially set up Green Phoenix Crafts in the first place. Collage 2016-06-09 13_09_41.jpg

Our chief aim is to diminish land-fill that many high-street stores contribute to with their cheaper and, subsequently, sub-standard items. By using vintage items that were made to be maintained, or items that many deem ‘rubbish’, we help to prevent a throw-away culture that is rapidly becoming the norm.

Anyway, after a long hiatus from crafting, due to chronic illness, we’ve come back with an emphasis back on the greener side of things.

For instance, this mirror was horribly rusted and the glass had lost the vast majority of it’s reflectiveness through poor storage and neglect.

With the help of a good scrub, some wrapping paper, a bit of card, an old match-pot and a bell, I was able to transform it into the perfect Graduation present for my little sister.

I’m in the process now of making lots more- including a stunning Art Deco style piece that I’ve fallen in love with! All available for £30 plus p&p (or £40 with working bell).

Likewise, between a charity shop, car boot and ebay, I found these three pieces of furniture that had long since seen better days:


Alas, I don’t have a completely ‘before’ shot, this is the first one I took after several coats of cream paint to disguise its battered wooden exterior.


This grubby chair had seemingly been sat, unloved in someones garage for a good few decades!

Again, no decent ‘before’ shot, but one from the very early stages of doing it up.

And here is the set now: all ready for its loving home :). Available separately for £45 (desk), £20 (chair), £90 (toy box) or as a set for only £125.



Up Yours, Cancer

A few months ago, we received a terrible message.

Our friend had found a lump, which was being biopsied and he was consequently diagnosed with ‘the big C’

The subsequent weeks were a whirlwind. He was in and out of hospital, but thanks to it being found early, and the NHS moving quickly, he was given the all clear.

He was one of the lucky ones and so has spent much of this year taking part in lots of ridiculous races to say ‘Up Yours’ to cancer and raise money for charity.

So far, he’s done a marathon in Vienna, a 40 mile & 400 obstacle assault course, and run the Yorkshire 3 peaks, as well as numerous 10ks, 5ks and half marathons. I’m not entirely sure he hasn’t bankrupted himself in the process! In October, he’ll be completing a second marathon.

If you’d like to donate directly to his charities, Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support , here is the link:


With so many events, alongside his long-suffering but incredibly supportive partner (who he’s managed to rope into doing almost all of them with him, despite the fact that she’s not a runner!), they needed somewhere to keep their ever-increasing medals.

Having already made hangers for my husband, dad and our best friends, I put together these medal racks for the two of them:


As well as Dave’s experience, many of my idols have lost their battles with cancer this year- 2016 be damned- not least David Bowie and more recently the tragic news of Caroline Aherne. Thankfully, I have not suffered a personal loss from cancer, but lots of my nearest and dearest have.

Therefore, Green Phoenix Crafts will be doing an offer, where if anyone would like one of the ‘Up Yours, Cancer’ racks themselves (suitable for medals, light coats/bags, dog leads etc.) , they’re £25 and ALL profits will be donated to Cancer Research or Macmillan Cancer Support‎.


If you’re interested, please leave a comment below, or contact us on any of the following: